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Corona Tip – How to manage work from home ?

admin - April 19, 2020 - 2 comments

The spread of the new corona virus is keeping more people at home. Following the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), governments are forcing lockdowns across all sectors of activity.

The hurdles associated with working from home differ according to the industry, sector of activity, job tasks and the type of person. There are, however, several  tips that can be followed by anybody for whom working from home is the new normal.

1. A  Routine  –   The key to success when working from home is abiding by a disciplined schedule that you design for yourself.

2. Dedicated Work space –   The benefits of a good and serene workplace are multiple. You can keep your room all to yourself to make there is no disruption caused. It will help you establish the work-leisure limits – being inside this dedicated workspace means work, not fun.

3. Communication- When working  from  home, communication becomes very important. Share your schedule with your  team and colleagues, tell them how you are making progress or finishing your tasks to make sure that you all are on the same page. You can assist your colleagues who lag by communicating.

4. Exercise – Do not forget to keep your body well maintained. Exercising is very  important as it would keep you fit and healthy, also boosts your metabolism and immunity. One should never bail on exercises.

There are few other pointers which you can follow

  • Socialize with colleagues (Online)
  • Look for training opportunities
  • Accountability
  • Use Digital Work space

In the current scenario, it is not only the employees who are facing the wraths of this outbreak but also the companies and the managers, making management difficult. So here are few tips which you can follow as a manager or a team leader .

1.Regular follow-up.

2. Communication.

3. Efficient use of technology.

4. Outcome should be prior to action.

5. Be flexible.

Be Safe.Stay Home .

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