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Development and Strengthening Relationship

admin - May 8, 2020 - 1 comment

To flourish a business, relationship with the customers, is the most important thing. People who are into Marketing that includes Sales and Customer interaction too, need to be very careful with their words and actions. Positive gestures with the customers can give strong relationship whereas negative gestures can harm a business to the ground.

If one has been dealing with a business, he/she might get an idea on how difficult it is to win a new customer. One can spent quite a lot of resources on marketing in different ways and establishing the brand value to a new customer for the sake of landing a sale. Even when a new customer did the first purchase, there are no surety that he is going to stick to the brand even for his next purchase. Whereas the existing customers who knocks your doors before all of his purchases can prove to be one of the biggest assets of the business firm. Therefore, the firm needs to adjust and develop accordingly so that it attracts new customers as well as moisten the existing too.

Here are some ways where a business firm and develop and strengthen relationship and make a good bond with the Existing and New customers:

  • Active Interactions – A business firm must make sure that it stays connected to the customers. The connection can be through their website, social media posts, email messaging and so on. Engaging the customer by letting them know about the new launches and the existing products in the firm can be effective. Feedback of the sales can also be taken into account.
  • Live Experience of the brand and its products – Nothing can be more perfect than giving a live demo of the product and the brand to the customers specially the new ones. It would be a great to let the customer know about the firm and its team in person. This helps to build a strong connection with the customer and the firm which gives the customers a lot of assurance about the product and its brand.
  • Understand the customer and his needs – In order to seek attention and serve better, the firm needs to know as much as possible about the needs of the customers and understand them in the best possible ways respective of their demands. This enables the firm to maintain a good relationship with the customers by giving a proper delivery of the demanded goods on time.
  • Influencing over Social Media – Not all customers have similar presence, some are more active and some are inactive over social media. Moistening relationships and bonding with the more active can prove beneficial when they buy through online interactions.
  • Customer Loyalty – The main focus of a business firm should be to introduce to the existing and new products and services to the customers. The brand should be creative and innovative enough to create a brand loyalty. It should also have a strategy to meet the customers need adequately by providing the proper good and service. The innovations and experiences will extend customer life resulting in the increase in sale.
  • Customer Specialization – No customer wants to get neglected. Therefore, making them feel special by greetings, providing discounts and rewards, keeping interpersonal touch and keeping a note on their history of purchase can help flourishing the business as it helps making a good relation with the customer and the firm.
  • Effective Dealing with Problems – the most promising customer can also face a grave problem with the service provided by the firm. Therefore, if there is a call for help from the customers end, the firm has to be responsive in an active manner. The firm should also keep a watch on the online portals for complaints, reviews and feedback.

Hard works in a business pays repetitive business whereas mistakes leads to loosing of customer without even knowing the proper reason. Therefore, a person dealing with a business should be very careful and smart. They should use right tools, innovations, techniques , tactics and of course a good marketing strategy to attract brand new customers and strengthening the bond with the existing ones who are being buying for years.

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    Insightful. A good read!

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