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At SAPCO, we provide our customers different models like fixed price model and the dedicated team model.  Software development includes a chain of activities. Besides design, coding, testing, and deployment,  continuous development of the product that’s already on the market. When it comes to effective approaches to software development we apply Dedicated Team and Fixed Price pricing model

Why to choose fixed price model ?

  • Customers feel it is easy to control budget by knowing exactly WHEN and WHAT to pay.
  • There will be fewer project risks as they are transferred to the team.
  • Factors like fixed budget, deadlines will stimulate the team members.

When to choose fixed price model ?

  • When it’s a short-term project.
  • When you have a complete project description with defined goals, working procedures and the final results.
  • When you are working with a new contractor.

Why to choose dedicated team model ?

  • Utilize short 1-3 weeks discharges amid the arrangement advancement. That will demonstrate the present advancement, help to change the item and invigorate your group to work adequately.
  • Pay as indicated by short discharges results (some particular Time and Material) – this encourages a client to perceive what he paid for. Source code and program are accessible for the client and accessible as indicated by his needs.
  • Utilize other great Agile programming advancement standards

When to choose dedicated team model ?

  • Amid long-duration projects when the current plan means the attraction of long-term full-time resources and the usage of new technologies.
  • When the exact goals and needs are not clear, and you cannot predict the final result (i.e. in case of start-up).
  • When you priorly knows that requirements or task priorities will be changed

How should a product owner pick the right type of contract for their software project? We believe you should start with these 3 things:

  1. Describe  principles of collaboration
  2. Identify possible risks
  3. Share and document responsibilities

Any good Vendor should provide advanced technology expertise, effective communication, established processes, and flexibility, allowing you to concentrate on your business. Therefore, you should choose a Vendor that will identify your needs and offer an approach that will help you achieve your business goals. For any kind of suggestion and consultation feel free to contact


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