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How a chat bot can help your business?

admin - June 10, 2020 - 0 comments

What is a Chatbot ?

A chatbot is artificial intelligence software that can stimulate a conversation in the form of chat or calls through messages, websites, mobile apps or telephone. In simple terms, a program designed specially to stimulate conversation with human user over internet.

Why are Chatbot important?

A chatbot is the most advanced form of human – machine interaction. From technological point of view, chatbots only represents Question Answering system for an end-user.

5 points on how a chatbot is beneficial for your business?

  • Customer serviceChatbots improves customer services. Chatbots prevents wait for operators answers. It also facilitates answering to the FAQ’s.
  • Stimulate shopping – An user can write to the chatbot what they want and the chatbot will send information regarding it to the sales department. Besides the chatbot remembers the preference of the buyer and uses this information when the customer returns to the website. This transforms visitors to buyers.
  • Better Communication – A chatbot answers some specific answers to the visitors other than giving unnecessary and undesirable list of information. This to-the-point information creates  an interest and the customer is more keen into knowing. The more attention the customer gives, the greater customer desire to buy.
  • Operational CostsChatbots helps in cutting down operational costs. Chatbots gives support round the clock and reduces manpower which is cost-retentive and gives a better service and virtual agents can help business to save upto 30%…
  • Repetitive tasksMost of the customers often have same questions for the product or services being provided. So, in order to answer the same questions every time, chatbots are very useful. It reduces employee workload and makes easy, convenient and time-retentive.

Thus, Chatbots are a very useful platform in today’s world and it could be too beneficial for a firm. A Chatbots makes work easier and convenient and also saves time and manpower. Many business owner are just in the beginning to understand how chatbots can benefit their business and some are already taking great advantage of it. The chatboat technology is still in an early stage and its capabilities are continuously increasing and thus the business owners and service providers must have a note on it to impoverish their business and take it to a new level


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