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How to create an on demand delivery app?

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The popular on-demand delivery concept can be found today in various domains, from groceries to healthcare. In this article, we’ll discuss approaches to on-demand delivery app development and look at the cost of building this kind of app for both the Android and iOS platforms. But first, let’s define what delivery app actually means and what should be the minimum features in the app

Characteristics of on demand delivery app

  • Fast delivery of products
  • User friendly
  • Cheaper prices than traditional sellers
  • Easy to connect with support team
  • Easy Payment Solution
  • Actionable rating systems

Key features

An on demand delivery app must provide quick service or product to customer without any harassment .Here are some of basic features which an on demand delivery app must have.

Basic Features

  • Placing orders
  • Scheduling deliveries
  • Tracking deliveries on a map
  • Paying for deliveries
  • Rating or providing feedback on deliveries
  • Support
  • Multiple Payment Options

If your app focuses on food delivery or grocery shopping, then features should be :

  • Product search
  • Real-time chat support
  • Category
  • Shopping lists
  • Wish lists

How to gain user ?

In order for your business to hold this competitive advantage, you should do the following:

Pre launch Plan – Make sure to advertise your service even before launching the app.You should use all promotion channels like social media and practices like public relations. Another great idea is to acquire users through a referral program in your app. With referrals, your customers can invite friends to use the app and get a free delivery in return .

Collaboration –This is a great way to grow your user base because the retailers have already done the hard work of acquiring a customer audience.. As a startup, you can collaborate with smaller retailers, but as you get noticed, larger retailers might also be interested

Attracting local :When starting a business, it’s usually easier to start with smaller investments. In the on-demand market, this means that you should test your concept in a limited geographical area with a dense population. This will make it easier for you to enroll and mobilize drivers and grow your user base without slowing down the service.  

Retention !

Now here comes the most important and vital part of any business . – RETENTION

Reliability and impeccable customer service are the two most important ways for an on-demand delivery app to retain customers. Here are a few things which you need to keep in mind to gain trust of customers
Loyalty Program/Special offers: Customers will want to use your app again if they can get discounts, vouchers, or gifts. These special offers can be implemented via loyalty program

Easy and Effective rating system: After a delivery is completed, customer feedback is crucial. Listening to feedback is a great way to innovate. Just keep in mind that it’s important to react to feedback to keep customers happy.
Screening: Screenings can include background checks, video interviews, driver’s license verification, insurance and registration checks, driving history checks, and proof of a dependable vehicle.
Great customer support: Customers should receive quick and friendly responses to inquiries or complaints. Customer support should be easily accessible from the app. Live chat in the app would be added advantage  

How much does it cost to develop on demand delivery app ?

Cost for on demand delivery app can be calculated using this formula :
Number of hours required X Rate per hour .
You can request for customize quote here

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