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Marketing vs Advertising

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The art of researching, creating and designing about how to wrap a product or service and define it at its best before sale to seek customer attention and get them attracted to the product which henceforth enhances them to buy.

Why Marketing?

Marketing involves research and analysis. It also involves customers response and influencing them. Marketing strategy involves the 4 P’s i.e., Product, Price, Promotion and place which influence the customers more and enhance them to buy. Marketing gives a vivid idea about the product, its price, the perfect place for the product to buy and the promotion ideas.


The process of making the product and services known to the buyers. It gives a descriptive idea about the product through pictorial views and many other sources.

Why Advertising?

Advertising involves a campaigning about the wants and needs of the customers and gives them a vivid idea about the product and service through pictorial views and other demo programs. It also creates an excitement within the customers which creates an urge to buy.

Similarities between Marketing and Advertising

  • Advertising is a component of Marketing.
  • Marketing is making a product fit for the market whereas Advertising is making the product known to the buyers.
  • Advertising is a specific step of Marketing.

Difference between Marketing and Advertising

  • Marketing is a systematic planning, screening and implementation of mix of activities which brings the buyers and sellers together which creates a mutual advantage for the exchange and transfer of products and services.


  • Advertising is the only one component of the overall marketing procedure.
  • Marketing is a step-by-step procedure which involves a unique selling proposition


  • Advertising includes ad’s in newspapers, televisions, banners, hoardings, magazines, mails, radio, online, pamphlets, and many more places.
  • Marketing elements works independently towards a bigger goal of one unified marketing campaign with a similar message.


  • Advertising is the most expensive part of all other marketing campaigns.

Therefore, Marketing is a big pie where advertisement is just a slice. Advertisement is also the most important, effective and cost-effective part of the entire Marketing procedure. Hence, when a business is looking forward to market their product and service, they should always enhance at the advertisement as it enhances the buyers to buy as they get a pictorial view and vivid idea about the product and services through detailed demo’s …

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