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If you are into sales you need to be careful while selecting your words

There are various types of service provider but there is one thing common in each and every sector “CLIENTS”. To retain business, relationship with the client is of utmost importance. . People who are into sales, marketing or client relationship need to be very careful while selecting words . Few good words can make your business and a few bad words can ruin your business


Three things you should never say to your client

“Long term business is build by words “

For companies selling B2B, 90 percent of your business next year will come from your current customers: 75 percent from ongoing business and 15 percent from up and cross-selling to them.

So here are the three points which you should avoid while talking to your client

1.Trust Me

When we say trust me before a casual statement , for example “Trust me ,this movie is great to watch “ we don’t think much about it because this event won’t effect us .But when we use this word at a situation where it will effect us for example buying, making investment etc , we will think about it .
If a person needs to  solicit your confidence, then there must be something in  history, actions, or reputation that would yield an initial trust.

2.To be honest

Many people uses this phrase to give a punch but I am sorry its not true . Using this phrase implies that you weren’t being honest before . You have to use different descriptive words that allow the client to feel what it is you’re saying without giving them any sense to doubt about anything you’ve said.  There are numerous clients have admitted that when they hear a salesperson use a word or phrase like this, they can’t help but suddenly begin to re-process everything they’ve been told up to that point of time.

3.This is not my department

Client will also have too many questions for you ,if client asks not related to your department .NEVER say “This is not my department “ this might reduce client interest in the conversation , rather ask for a few minutes, go to the concerned department with the client’s query and ask them, in order to solve it in the best possible manner.

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